Meet Our Team of Dog Walkers, and Cat and Pet Sitters

Corinne Gearhart

Founder and Owner

Brunette woman dog walker holding yorkie in denver colorado

Corinne Gearhart founded Cherry Creek Pampered Pets, LLC in 2016. The road was windy, but the destination was a long time coming. Growing up, her mother was allergic to dogs and the family was unable to get a pup.  Corinne’s passion for dogs wasn’t thwarted.  Every stuffed animal, every research project, every book checked out of the library, was about dogs.  Every letter to Santa plead for a puppy, “I’ll keep it in my room Santa, my mom will never know!”

As an adult, she was introduced to poodles and doodles and the more hypoallergenic options for families.  Corinne decided to offer a unique service for families who couldn’t have a dog come home covered in lab or husky hair.  Families who wanted their dog to come back home just as hypoallergenic as they left.  Corinne founded the “Shed Free Stay,” hoping to help families like her own have the option of having dogs just as she had dreamt as a child. 

Corinne’s Master’s degree in Student Affairs and Counseling from NYU and former career serving students and families provided many skills to run Cherry Creek Pampered Pets, LLC. Her customer service expertise, counseling, and experience serving family’s needs combined with her passionate love for pets.  Clients say her professionalism shines through as strong as her clear devotion to their animals.  

Hoping to help all families manage having a pet at home with all of their other commitments and responsibilities, Corinne expanded Cherry Creek Pampered Pets, LLC to offer dog walks, cat sitting, and pet sitting.  She feels lucky to be surrounded by such a talented team of Pet Pamperers.   

Chris Gearhart

Boarding Manager

man in blue shirt hugging red goldendoodle

Chris Gearhart spends many of his hours laying down the law at work.  When he comes home, he’s thrilled to show his softer side to the pups as the Boarding Manager.  A passionate home chef, he loves when pet parents say their pup appreciates their food getting dressed up to make it more appetizing (such a doodle trait!).  Dogs never go on a hunger strike with him in the kitchen and he makes sure their full bellies always get a great belly rub.  Chris prides himself on building trust with men for pups that have apprehension about men or haven’t had much positive socialization with men.  A big teddy bear, he’s always ready for a doggy snuggle. 

Clara C.

Dog Walker

Blond dog walker smiling

Clara is a Colorado native, she grew up just across the Dam Road in Aurora, a graduate of Smoky Hill High School. Clara has always had pets of all kinds, Honey Bunny & Thumper the Rabbits, Princess Leia & Darth Vader the Goldfish, Boomer the Cocker Spaniel, Mr. Mel the Wild and Crazy Cat, to name a few. Clara’s extended family are farmers, and she adores hanging out with baby chicks and little piglets, and riding around on horses and even the occasional (patient) cow. She loves animals of all kinds, but has a soft spot for dogs. She likes making new pet buddies and wants to ensure they are as happy as can be, each and every day!

Camille K.

Dog Walker and Pet Sitter

Brunette woman holding small rescue dog in Denver

Camille is originally from Idaho and has lived in our neighborhood since 2002. She has three spirited children, a very patient husband and two rescued fur babies. Yoda is a Dutch Shepard and Teenie (pictured) is a chihuahua mix. She’s had dogs all her life and is excited to get to know yours!  Clients love how broad her experience is with dogs, including large to small, special needs (she had her own three legged dog), and medication requirements.  She’s at ease with all pups and loves each of their unique traits.

Laura M.

Dog Walker and Pet Sitter

brunette dog walker holding doodle

Laura grew up in Colorado and lives near Cherry Creek State Park.  Laura’s family includes a beta fish named Ocean Blue, a Schnoodle named Leia, and her husband and three young children.  Laura is incredibly active and enjoys the outdoors in the company of four-legged friends.  Laura has been around dogs of all sizes and dispositions her entire life, growing up with breeds like Pomeranians, Cocker Spaniels, German Shepherds, and Great Danes, just to name a few.  Laura looks forward to meeting your canine and burning off some energy through walks.

Melissa A.

Cat Specialist

Melissa has lived in Colorado for 30+ years and our neighborhood for the last 5. Her love for cats started when she was young and her family adopted a neighborhood stray they named Carmen. From then on, Melissa has always had a cat as a pet. 

She knows how different each one of their little personalities can be so she enjoys learning about them and playing with them. Her fur babies, Goldie and Rosie, love snuggling with her on the couch after a long day and catching up on some mindless reality tv shows.  Goldie isn’t so happy when Melissa puts her Santa sweater on during the holidays, but still adores her mom!  Clients report loving Melissa’s clever report cards and creative pictures she sends when they are away from their pets.  The details she shares always help them feel right at ease. 

Skylar F.

Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Denver Dog walker holding her goldendoodle

Skylar is a chemistry major at CU Denver. She has grown up in the Cherry Creek Vista area for most of her life and is a graduate from Cherry Creek High School. She is a runner who loves exercising in all kinds of weather. Skylar has always had pets in her home, from dogs to cats to guinea pigs. She’s currently a proud parent of a feisty cockapoo named Weston. In the spring, she will welcome a Borderdoodle puppy into the family as well! She can handle dogs of all sizes, from small chihuahuas to big lab mixes, Her experience includes working with dogs that require special care, including anxious dogs and administering medication. She looks forward to pampering your pets!

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